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Smile Gallery

Smile Gallery

Newport Beach, CA

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Our patients can’t help but show off their beautiful, new smiles. See the results for yourself!

Dr. Wynn and his fantastic orthodontic team have been creating beautiful, straighter smiles for our patients for over 25 years. We’re experts at tackling even the toughest malocclusions your smile can throw at us with ease, no matter your age. Crooked and crowded teeth, gaps between teeth, teeth that need rotating or moving vertically in the jaw, overbites, underbites, crossbites, and open bites are no problem for our skilled staff. Whether you choose bracket braces or clear aligners, you still get to enjoy the same incredible, healthier smile at the end of your treatment. You’ll love your before and after results, guaranteed. But don’t just trust us at our word. Our results speak for themselves!

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At our orthodontics office, you'll find a team dedicated to crafting the smile you deserve!

It’s our firm belief that everyone has the right to a beautiful, healthy smile they love. At Wynn Orthodontics, we take great care to ensure our patients have the best, personalized treatment that addresses their unique orthodontic needs without stress or fuss. Whether you’re 8, 18, 38, or 78, we’re ready to take on your bite problems with the expert, professional care you deserve. Our braces use uniquely designed brackets to make your time with us better than ever. Our clear aligners give you a seamless transition to a lovely smile with no one the wiser. We’re excited to help you achieve the beautiful smile you've always dreamed of!

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