Adult Treatment

Adult Treatment

Adult Treatment

Newport Beach, CA

Affordable Adult Braces In Newport Beach, CA

Count on Dr. Wynn and his orthodontic team to ensure your smile
looks and feels the best it ever has, no matter your age.

When most people picture braces, they usually imagine middle schoolers or high schoolers with a colorful mouth of brackets, wires, and elastics. Younger patients’ smiles are still developing, making it quick and easy for an orthodontist to guide the teeth and jaws into perfect alignment. But here’s the secret of orthodontics: there’s no age limit to a beautiful smile! Braces for adults can work just as well as those for kids and teens—you’ll just need to be a little more patient.

Here at Wynn Orthodontics, we offer a variety of treatment options—both braces and clear aligners—so you can achieve your perfect smile on your terms. Dr. Wynn and his talented team are the premier orthodontists in Newport Beach. Our passion for the craft and our dedication to our patients’ success, no matter their age, is immediately apparent from the moment you walk through the front door. Orthodontics isn’t finished in a day, so our team takes your total satisfaction to heart throughout your time with us. Our office uses state-of-the-art, custom orthodontic technology that we’ve designed to give our patients an unmatched experience in both comfort and efficiency.

We’re not afraid to revolutionize the orthodontic world to give you the straight, beautiful smile you’ve always wanted. Say goodbye to your crooked, crowded smile once and for all! Call our orthodontist practice at (949) 642-2626 today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Wynn and his fantastic staff.

The Invisalign Advantage

In the Invisalign vs. braces debate, Dr. Wynn ensures you choose the best treatment for your smile.

When seeing an orthodontist, you have a huge decision to make: Invisalign or traditional braces? While there's no wrong way to straighten your teeth, you deserve the treatment that works best for you and your smile. Many of our patients love clear aligners because they fix the most common complaints about bracket braces:

Braces: The Tried and True Method

Braces: The Tried and True Method

Dr. Wynn and his orthodontic team can’t wait to help you fix your smile with our selection of braces! Whether you’re 12, 22, 32, or 72, traditional bracket braces are a tried and true way to comprehensively correct your smile. They are our main focus and expertise here at Wynn Orthodontics, and we use our unparalleled experience to your best advantage. There are two types of braces to choose from, allowing you to customize your treatment: metal and clear.

Both use a system of brackets, wires, and elastic bands to gradually shift and align your teeth. While traditional braces use metal brackets, clear braces swap them out for tooth-colored or transparent ceramic ones instead. Our adult patients especially love this option as ceramic braces tackle the same level of bite issues easily while making your treatment much less noticeable to the naked eye. These brackets are also just as strong and durable as the stainless steel used in metal braces, and they are highly stain-resistant, so even notorious coffee, red wine, and chocolates won’t yellow your braces over time. No matter which option you choose, there’s no limit to what your braces can accomplish. By tightening the wires every 4 to 6 weeks, most patients can correct even the most severe orthodontic issues in 18 months to 3 years.

Invisible Braces: The Clear Aligner Method

Invisible Braces: The Clear Aligner Method

Don’t want the look and feel of bracket braces? No worries! We have you covered with clear aligners. Invisalign is becoming increasingly more popular among our adult patients. Clear aligners work by replacing the brackets and wires for transparent custom-fit trays. They are more comfortable than braces and almost impossible to spot, even by an orthodontist. By switching your trays for the next every two weeks, we streamline the treatment process even further, cutting down months of treatment. Most patients only require 8 to 18 months of treatment, depending on the severity and complexity of their bite problems. However, more minor issues might need as few as 6 months.

Invisalign can tackle many of the same issues as traditional braces with ease while shaving months off treatment time. However, there are some limitations due to the way clear aligners fit over and grip your teeth. Severe issues and teeth that need moving vertically in the jaw may require bracket braces. Like with conventional braces, once you’re done straightening your smile, you’ll follow up with a retainer to ensure your brand new smile lasts a lifetime.

Don’t worry about your Invisalign cost, either. Thanks to rapid advancement of the clear aligner technology, Invisalign and braces cost about the same nowadays. The real price factor is your orthodontic issues’ complexity, which affects how long you need treatment. Invisalign vs. braces, we do our best to ensure our patients’ journey to a fantastic smile is always affordable.

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Dedicated and Personalized Care For EVERY Patient

Trust Dr. Wynn and his talented team to make your dream smile come alive here in Newport Beach!

At Wynn Orthodontics, our patient-first philosophy means we commit ourselves fully to each of our patients’ smiles. This is just as true for our older patients. While orthodontic treatment takes a little longer, our decades of expertise and patience ensures we always design the best treatment for your unique smile. Metal braces, ceramic braces, Invisalign… we have multiple options available to let our patients correct their pearly whites on their terms. From your initial consultation onwards, we want you to have the best experience possible at our orthodontic practice.

1Is it normal for adults to get braces?

Absolutely! Orthodontic treatment is becoming more popular than ever with adults. In fact, even celebrities like Tom Cruise and Gwen Stefani have been spotted on red carpets with brackets and wires. These days, many of our older patients’ treatments go completely unnoticed by friends, family, and coworkers because they opt for clear aligners rather than braces.

2What type of braces are best for adults?

This depends entirely on your specific needs. Patients with more moderate crooked teeth and jaws typically prefer Invisalign for their more natural appearance and faster treatment time. However, for more severe orthodontic issues, traditional bracket braces are best. To find out which option is best for your unique smile, please don’t hesitate to call (949) 642-2626 today for a consultation with Dr. Wynn and his team.

3Can I soak my Invisalign in mouthwash?

No. While mouthwash can remove bacteria, it will also stain your trays, losing their near-invisible appearance. You also shouldn’t use any colored toothpastes or antibacterial soaps for this same reason. You should clean your aligners by brushing them regularly with a soft toothbrush and clear, unscented soap and then soaking them in an approved cleansing solution.

4Is Invisalign as good as braces?

With mild, moderate, and some severe orthodontic issues, Invisalign can tackle the same smiles metal and clear braces can. They can even get the job done faster. However, more severe and complex orthodontic issues as well as teeth that need to be rotated or moved vertically in the jaw will require traditional brackets and wires. Dr. Wynn and his team will perform a comprehensive orthodontic examination to ensure which treatment is best for you.

5Is there any age limit for the use of braces?

Not at all! While braces and Invisalign can work faster for younger patients in their preteens and early teens, there is no age cutoff for orthodontic treatment. We can still achieve incredible results for our adult patients; it will just take a little longer.

6Why does my orthodontist want to remove my teeth?

We always want to preserve as many of our patients’ healthy teeth as much as possible. However, severe crowding, protrusion, and too-small jaws can sometimes leave an orthodontist with little to no room to safely move your teeth. By removing one or two teeth, we can give your braces and aligners space to straighten your smile faster and more comfortably with better results. Done well, your treatment can entirely mask your missing teeth so no one but us, your dentist, and their X-rays can tell.


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