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Dr. Wynn and his orthodontics team make correcting crooked, crowded smiles simple and comfortable, and our patients certainly agree!

Check out what our happy patients have to say about their time with Dr. Wynn and his team! Here at Wynn Orthodontics, our incredible team has helped our patients achieve straighter, healthier smiles for over 25 years. Dr. Wynn and his staff are experts at personalizing treatments to perfectly fit our patients’ unique needs. The entire experience is streamlined and takes your total comfort into account, so you’ll love the entire journey towards your final, beautiful grin. Whether with Invisalign trays or traditional bracket braces, we get the job done quickly so you can enjoy all that your straight smile has to offer. Crookedness, overcrowding, gaps between teeth, crossbite, overbite, underbite, open bite, and more… we leave no stones unturned for your beautiful smile.

very personal and professional

"very personal and professional"

Dr. Wynn and his staff have been very personal and professional during my orthodontic treatment. As an adult patient, they were very clear about the timeframe and procedure, and they accommodated my work schedule for appointments. The whole staff goes the 'extra mile' to build a friendship, and they are very efficient in addressing all requests. I would highly recommend Dr. Wynn and his team to my own family and friends. Dr. Wynn’s office makes me smile, and my smile looks better because of them!

- Hayleigh F.
exceptional orthodontic care

"exceptional orthodontic care"

Dr. Wynn and his team have always provided exceptional orthodontic care over the years for our children. Dr. Wynn created personalized orthodontic treatment plans for each of our children and spent considerable time during each initial consult explaining the treatment options. He personally oversees all the procedures and explains what to expect during each visit as well. He is so professional, utilizes the best orthodontic practices, and creates flawless smiles. I give Dr. Wynn and his team my highest endorsement.

- Diana L.
exceeded expectations on all levels

"exceeded expectations on all levels"

Let’s face it, orthodontics on any level is not pleasant. It is painful and it is expensive. We know that before we start the process but are willing to do it because the alternative would be worse. But the team at Wynn Orthodontics exceeded expectations on all levels. Both of my kids have had great experiences throughout the entire process. I highly recommend Wynn Orthodontics. Thank you.

- Linda B.
I won Best Smile in high school

"I won Best Smile in high school"

Dr. Wynn was the reason I won Best Smile in high school, and the amazing thing was that 15 years later when I broke my retainer (and hadn't worn it in a few years...), it was no problem getting help and having everything set as good as new. Thanks, Dr. Wynn!

- Marc D.
My Experience Has Been Fabulous

"My Experience Has Been Fabulous"

My orthodontic experience at Dr. Wynn’s office has been fabulous. Linda and Heidi at the front desk are wonderful and the entire staff working with patients are kind and talented at what they do. Dr. Wynn is so skillful and does beautiful work with a smile on his face. The office doesn’t feel corporate, quite the opposite, as though you are going to visit friends. Amazing orthodontic work and a joyful environment!

- Jennifer C.


It’s Time To Put Your Best Smile Forward

No one looks after your smile in Newport Beach like Dr. Wynn and his compassionate orthodontics team!

A smile can show off your personality and light up a room. It’s also one of the first things people notice, and we ensure yours makes a fantastic first impression! Our team at Wynn Orthodontics is wholly dedicated to our patients’ best smiles, going beyond the cosmetic to ensure your pearly whites are healthier and happier in their new alignment. We treat everyone’s smile as unique—because it is. Each treatment we plan is just as special, personalized for your specific needs and preferences. Metal braces and clear aligners, early and adult treatment… we have you covered for an incredible orthodontic experience you can’t get anywhere else.

A Letter to His Mentor

Thanks Dr. Wynn for Such a Great Experience!

I wanted to thank you for such a great experience. It has been a pleasure and true joy learning from you. I can’t express how grateful I am for all the time you have given me. It feels like yesterday we went to eat at Trenta’s on our first meeting. After that first meeting I was thrilled that I had received such a great mentor. Just during that first meeting I learned so many things. One of those things was about big commitments in life. Your perspective on medical school and how important it is to always be working toward a goal regardless of med school was really eye-opening. It was a fresh outlook and something I had never heard before. That message has already helped me and I'm sure it will continue to for a very long time.

Not only that, but you have shown me that kindness goes a long way. Seeing the relationships and conversations you had with your patients inspired me to do the same. It’s amazing how just a complement or two can brighten up somebody's day along with your own. I am truly inspired to be like you in this sense because it seems like such a great and positive attitude to live everyday with. I’ve had such a fantastic and fun time with everyone in the office and cannot thank you enough for it. I’ve appreciated every second of your time and from the bottom of my heart thank you for it. I loved being your mentee and talking to you. Keep being awesome and helping kids. Sincerely, Michael M


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