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When you have crooked teeth and misaligned jaws, our fantastic team at Wynn Orthodontics is here to help with incredible dental braces. Even as clear aligners become more popular, tried and true methods of traditional brackets and wires hold up with unmatched results. Reliable and precise, bracket braces are the most thorough and comprehensive way to straighten teeth and bites. Traditional braces can treat quicker because of consistent forces and the option allowing the orthodontist to make “mid-stream corrections.” Traditional braces can handle the most complex and widest variety of orthodontic issues easily and efficiently.

Most people find braces easiest to wear, especially for our younger patients who would forget to put in their aligner trays but never miss a day with braces. And with both metal and ceramic brackets available, Dr. Steve Wynn can help you determine which one will best suit your needs and desires. After finishing treatment, Dr. Steve Wynn will construct a custom retainer that will be adjusted and checked indefinitely to ensure your corrected smile is a lifetime benefit.

Your new smile is just around the corner! To schedule an evaluation with Dr. Steve Wynn, you can reach our Newport Beach office at (949) 642-2626 today.

Types Of Braces:
Which Is Right For Me?

We want our patients to always get the most out of their chosen treatments as they can.

Dr. Steve Wynn understands that correcting your smile takes time, so we do everything we can to give our patients an unmatched experience throughout. A large part of this is allowing our patients to customize their treatment to best suit their specific needs. Our office offers two types of braces: metal and ceramic.

Metal Braces

Metal Braces

Metal braces are made of high-grade stainless steel and attached to the front of teeth. Dr. Steve Wynn has practiced over 30 years to create a customized metal bracket that combines the strength and appearance of several different brackets. These unique brackets provide patients with the highest quality and materials available, and their low profile design allows for less discomfort.

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic Braces

Want bracket braces’ accuracy and effectiveness but don’t want the shiny look of traditional orthodontic braces? Try ceramic braces! Also called clear braces, these modified braces use ceramic brackets to hide your treatment’s appearance while giving the same results. Our office uses a special porcelain blend that’s just as strong and durable as steel, so your brackets won’t crack or chip under your bite’s full force. Ceramic brackets are a little “thicker” than traditional metal brackets in order for the ceramic brackets to have the same mechanical properites as metal brackets.

The Braces Advantage

Count on Dr. Wynn and his staff to push the envelope with what you and your smile can achieve!

Dr. Steve Wynn has been using traditional braces throughout his 30-year career, and it’s easy to see why. While clear aligners certainly have their own advantages, such as appearance and removability, bracket braces’ results speak for themselves. These are just a few of the unmatched and unique benefits of brackets and wires vs. transparent trays:

Both metal and ceramic braces can efficiently tackle severe and complex orthodontic issues: teeth that need rotating more than 20 degrees, crossbites, teeth that must be moved vertically in the jaw, extreme spacing or crowding, extreme over bites or under bites, missing teeth and posterior teeth bite issues.

Continuous Treatment
Removable trays are convenient for mealtimes and dental hygiene, but they can be all too easy to forget or lose afterward. Children and teens are especially prone to leaving their aligners at home or accidentally throwing them away with their school lunches. However, dental braces skip the problem entirely. They are bonded to the fronts of the teeth, so you don’t need to worry about losing precious treatment time and progress. Some patients are mistaken that treatment with trays is easier to keep the mouth clean. Teatment with trays still requires a patient to remove the trays before eating and brushing after every time one eats before replacing the trays in the mouth.

Some of our younger patients prefer metal braces above all other treatments because they can be customized to match their style. They love that they can choose the color of their elastics, potentially creating a rainbow full of personality for the world to see with their smiles. If you’re ready to kickstart the process towards your new smile, you can reach our office at (949) 642-2626 to book a consultation today!

1What age is best for braces?

Braces are most effective and efficient when a patient is still growing (between ages 11 and 14.) At this time, most or all adult teeth have emerged, and the jaw is still growing. Using your smile’s natural development to our advantage, Dr. Steve Wynn can move your teeth into their healthiest and most natural positions quickly and with minimal discomfort. However, even adult patients can still achieve incredible results with braces. The physiological process of the bone allowing teeth to move and remodel still works on adult patients.

2Do clear braces turn yellow?

No. The ceramic we use is highly resistant to staining, so your brackets can easily blend in with your natural smile throughout your treatment’s duration. However, we recommend keeping dark or colorful foods like popsicles, coffee, and chocolates to a minimum. They can discolor the clear elastic ligatures used to hold your braces’ wires in place.

3What can you not eat while wearing braces?

To prevent bending wires or popping off brackets, please avoid particularly hard, crunchy, chewy, or sticky foods. These include popcorn kernels, candy, ice, thick crust pizza, bagels, peanuts, hard pretzels, hard bread, and thick chips. Also be sure to cut foods that must be bitten into, like carrots, apples, and corn on the cob, into smaller pieces.

4How long do adults wear braces?

On average, adults typically wear braces for around 18 to 24 months. This will take a bit longer than childhood orthodontics, but with Dr. Wynn’s expertise, you can still achieve the same incredible results you’ll love.

5What are the stages of braces?

Most patients only need one round of braces to straighten their teeth. However, others may need two stages of treatment. The first stage is most common with younger patients as we shift their baby teeth using partial braces or widen the upper jaw with a palate expander. This makes room for the permanent teeth to safely come in. From there, we can follow with a final round of braces for a totally straight smile.

6Will my teeth shift without retainer wear?

Yes, especially during the first couple of months after having your braces removed. Missing even a couple of days without a teeth retainer during this crucial period can cause your retainer to quickly become tight as your teeth naturally want to shift.



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